January 2017

Build Customer Relationships on Social Media

By Nalina | January 25, 2017 | Amfect, LLC.

Keeping up with the times may be daunting until you read sections of the news that trigger ideas.

And those ideas are- building customer relationships through social networks.

According to Journal of Strategic Direction, customer relationships via social media become successful when advertising discounts and vouchers.

Most of these findings pull from general education for business, but companies neglect to appreciate their target market.

Plus, marketers struggle with strategic communications, branding, and promotions-

Are you seeking interaction with your Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram followers?

Fortunately, best practices to identifying your company’s brand ambassadors come to surprise polls and feedback.

So, how are you offering your products and services to receive the highest degree of social engagement?

Unfortunately, building emotional connections has zero effects entrusting in customer relationships.




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