January 2017

Practical Use of Business intelligence

How does a company remain competitive? By utilizing marketing tactics, fortunately, Business Intelligence is a key integrator in marketing and fulfilling customer’s needs.

Business Intelligence better known as BI is the process to transcribe raw data.

What can you do with raw data you ask? Raw data will explain past and predictive analytics (more on this story later), data and text mining (eventually will report on this soon), online analytical processing (oye! So much to report in the future), and reporting.

BI requires several “source systems” deposited into a “data warehouse” forming “data models” that translates to variables to pull out data on your customer’s behavior.

Regardless of your customer’s technological device, an analysis of an individual’s whereabouts online is translated into insights to support BI action.

What do responsive websites have to do with this? Metrics. Plain and simple metrics.

The support of BI encourages businesses to take sets of data seriously to help marketers identify their companies target market likes and dislikes to cater products and services.

More importantly, influence interaction between your customers and gain a leg up on competitors.

Here is the moral of the story, are you letting BI work for you?




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