December 2016

The Marketers Struggle to Breach Big Data

Big Data Vs. Marketers 

As marketing takes flight and Big Data soaring like eagles, marketers are increasingly overwhelmed with extensive data for targeted objectives.

The brilliant American multinational developers of analytics we-all-love called SAS, organized surveys in the United Kingdom to make sense of Marketers thought process when using big data. According to SAS institutes’ findings, our lovely marketers stumped with creative opportunities handed on a silver platter for their manipulation.

An appropriate question to ask is- how do we reunite our right brain with our left brain for executing Interactive Marketing tactics?


Well, if digital media greets traditional communication flow and reported channels are stuck in the dungeon of “what ifs” instead of grazing the green lands.

Who knows what the future may hold?


*These findings were acquired from Journal of Research in Interactivity.*


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