November 2016

Explore Customer Needs to Gain Trusted Value

Have you heard of China’s glass bridge, San Shan Bridge? Well, lets relate Digital and Interactive marketing to the tourists and China’s glass bridge.

The 430 meters long see-through bridge attracts tourists from all over the world to cross over the 300 meter deep valley. Of course, tourists try their luck and head over the bridge.

So, you are probably wondering how does digital and interactive marketing compare? Here comes the catch! Competition. Competition in the marketplace caused corporations to dangle tourist (customers) needs across the bridge.

Are you the tourist (customer) who will test the bridge to get what you want huh? Guilty as charge, I know I am.

Thanks to corporations, marketing, sales and customer service supported the firms infrastructure, human resource management, technology development and procurement.

According to “strategic literature” digital and interactive marketing dented the relationship between corporations and advertising and promotion.

Supposedly, marketing, sales, and service proved useful, but hindering growth for value.

Manager’s within corporations participated in several activities not explained for improved profit. Unfortunately, the tactics planned provided less success for customer needs.

What a perfect plan to begin strategizing an innovative plan for your own bridge. What say you?!


*These findings were acquired from Journal of Research in Interactivity.*

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