October 2016

Your Customers Are Calling for Interactivity. Are you Listening?

Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service Just Won’t Do

There are several branches in the people industry; One is marketing broken down to interactive marketing, in business intelligence terms- digital marketing. Interactive marketing’s call to action requires knowledge about each customer, their behavior, and how buyers communicate with a company.

Unfortunately, few sources such as marketing, sales, and customer service fail at unearthing customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a company- according to data interpretation, but to the prevail of smartphones, data is collected to support interactive marketing.

Why report on Interactive Marketing? Good question! Well, this is where your company jumps on the new, improved, and safe Titanic. All aboard! And before the ship sails, let’s break down the changes, challenges, and customer insights you ought to read. Thanks to extensive mobile networks, frequency and effectiveness are no longer a crisis for big and small businesses. That was a close iceberg!


Your ROI

Now, we are off sailing in the moonlight. Media supported by mobile devices encourage “customer exchange communication” for improved organization and happiness. What does that mean? Well, headed north, and the first stop is- data analytics and real-time, high-performance analytics are strengthening marketing Return On Investment (ROI) to identify failed connectivity to customers through social media. Based on these dawning discoveries researcher Don Schultz reported current tactics target the already engaged and not the unavailable (Schultz and Peltier, 2013; Stone & Woodcock, 2013).


Salesforce Vs. Microsoft A Social Business?

The critically acclaimed term “social business” in the Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing explains using software such as Salesforce’s Chatter and Microsoft’s SharePoint allows access to “collective knowledge” secured from one channel or department to be shared within a company (Stone & Woodcock, 2013).

Next stop! Customers must be willing to motivate and engage when testing and buying a product through social media. Marketers have grown to accept different approaches just to tempt the unavailable to engage, collect, and interpret for the purpose of products and services for use (Stone & Woodcock, 2013).

Speaking of preferences, in the “social world” tuning into social channels customers prefer to use leads to understanding technologically advanced devices like cell phone, tablet, iWatch, and more to secure right content at the right time on every device (Stone & Woodcock, 2013). Similar to Hootsuite and Buffer, you know, content calendars.

On your left, you see paradise- before unloading the ship beware of dips. Please hold onto the rails as you exit the new improved Titanic.

Explore the land safely!



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