October 2016

Interactivity Chucks Marketing Mixes One By One. Or Does It?

So, you made it off the new and improved Titanic safely. Congrats! However, are you prepared for the Great Depression? Well, cling to your pocket change and cash in your stocks. This marketer’s and investors is going to be a haul.

In the article “Your Customers Are Calling for Interactivity. Are you Listening”  we mentioned Interactive marketing is undergoing significant changes, but marketing, in general, is suffering severe and devastating hits to its industry.

Customers are harder to convince in human interaction; Marketers are dissuaded to assemble in groups to multiply brain power and strike gold. Never underestimate the power of golden nuggets during the Great Depression!

According to the Journal of Research in Interactive, some changes are not disarmed by information technology interactivity, but the reported areas receive cutting edge changes to the new information that require expertise for smart management (Stone & Woodcock, 2014).

This change mainly affected Branding though the slump in the market applies to every field of Marketing.


*These findings were acquired from Journal of Research in Interactivity.*

How was the Great Depression?

Do you think your company can survive another hit to your career? Lined up investors?


Let’s find out.

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